PokerStars New Jersey carries on its charity works

In the last few weeks, PokerStars made headlines when they introduced their online poker as well as casino games in New Jersey. Only after that introduction, PokerStars declared that they were collaborating with that state’s chapter of Autism Speaks for the month of April and in future.

Many people might not be unfamiliar with the benevolent ways of online poker firms, but players have known for several years that PokerStars as well as other firms are fast to step up and serve when a scope presents itself. Poker players are popular for their generosity when charities are involved.
PokerStars selected Autism Speaks for a collaboration in New Jersey as of their ill fame as a prime organization offering advocacy and research for autism and people dealing with this. The corporate charitable event of PokerStars – Helping Hands – is now a prime sponsor of Autism Speaks to encourage awareness. To start the campaign, PokerStars altered their red spade logo to a blue logo, the color suggesting support of autism.
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Poker player accused in an US$31million debt collection fraud

Travell Thomas, the poker player from New York, have been charged by the feds for reportedly masterminding a US$ 31 million coercive and fraudulent debt collection scheme, as per a press release from Manhattan US Attorney’s office.
The thirty-seven year old has around US$ 500000 in lifetime event earnings, is charged of conspiracy and wrie fraud. Over a dozen others were appointed. Thomas was the chief executive officer and co-owner of the company, said the feds.
In a statement, United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York Preet Bharara said: “As alleged, the defendants engaged in what is believed to be the largest fraudulent debt collection scheme ever to be prosecuted, falsely threatening arrest and prosecution of countless Americans, including those who suffered from disabilities. The defendants charged today allegedly took ruthless advantage of the desperate situation in which their victims found themselves, using threats and lies to coerce payment and even trying to collect more money than the victims ever owed.”

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Juha Helppi is inclined to win more accolades and earnings in future

When poring over the list of the best poker professionals globally, Finland is a drop in the ocean compared to other hubs like the US, Canada or even Britain.

Thus, when run into a Finnish guru with prominent accolades under his belt, your eyes will be irresistibly glued to their resumes. Juha Helppi hails from Finland, Helsinki. His name sufficed in the international level after he ousted Kathy Liebert and subsequently defeating Phil Gordon in a heads-up confrontation. He has also managed to final table at the World Poker Tour twice, placing fourth in the Season 1 Battle of Champions and a second position in the Grand Prix de Paris tournament in 2005. Additionally, he has placed tenth in Season III Championship tournament.

Notable in his record are five finishes in the money at the World Series of Poker tournaments that have enlarged his overall career earnings exceeding $2,400,000. In 2005, Juha confronted Phil Laak alongside Kenna James in an underwater poker event and clinched the Caribbean Poker Classic Extreme Poker accolade. Continue reading “Juha Helppi is inclined to win more accolades and earnings in future”

Richard Yong: A card player who has not played at many poker tournaments

The player who has not played many poker tournaments but he has striven hard in achieving success at all walks of game. He is a player who has played even at the world poker tournament.

He is a player that has even played many matches of online poker game. He is a player of great skills but has not yet achieved the poker game. The poker player has not achieved the stepping stone. He is a player who has even not won any series at the international level. When it comes to online games of poker he likes to play it for long time and win cashes.

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Why Joe Ebanks is famed in the Corridors of Poker

The US is currently a home to a multitude of players who have managed to win high-status poker events. There are numerous poker-pros who are known at the casino tables across the globe, including the likes of Daniel Negreanu and Phil Ivey. The list of top-notch players here is abundantly rich with wagers of impeccable resumes in poker, but they have not eclipsed Joe Ebanks from the limelight. This American player who hails from Ohio suffices as a superstar worth exploring; his milestones winnings speak for themselves. He is a WSOP bracelet winner and has taken down other significant final tables. His resume also encompasses an array of other winnings.

He won his first bracelet at the 2011 WSOP, but his greatest prize was on 15 April 2009 at the EPT. He won the $1,309 309-entrants European Poker Tour San Remo Season 5 NLHE Event #4 that saw him gross $100,842. Subsequently, at the Poker Classic in Foxwoods NLHE win brought in $95,570. He competed in online competitions, including the 903-entrants $200+$15 No-Limit Hold’em where he got $44,920 in 2011. Moreover, he has finished 2nd in the 3497-entrants $200+$16 NLHE tournament raking in $80,250 which is his largest win in virtual poker. Nevertheless, his most significant winning came during the $10,000 NL Texas Hold�������em 6-handed Championship where he earned $1,158,481. The World Series of Poker tour is one of the headiest platforms where a player can demonstrate their skills to the world.

His first World Series of Poker in the money with 83rd place was in 2010 where he got $4,731. Joe Ebanks has managed an array of achievements at top-notch events where he has manifested intrinsic mettle in his moves and hand strategies. He also has substantial sums that he has managed at online casinos although this is clandestine, we expect at the top in the coming prominent poker tournaments.

Aage Ravn a handsome player with great potential

Aage Ravn being the resident of United States should be admired by people for his talent as well as for his good looks. Don’t you think a guy with good talent will always rock in the career? Of course his confidence will clearly be visible in his smile which everyone would love to watch out. No doubt among his fans most of them would be the female poker game lovers. Keeping the personal aside one should admit the fact that he has won enough of cash prizes to be recognized as the best poker player. He has played in the casinos and each time he made a big hit he was able to get good cash prize for sure.

His entry into poker as per the recorded success stories is in the year 2007 in which he has played the No Limit Hold’em – Event 2 on January 16th. The end result of this game is that he was able to win the cash prize of $41,139 which is truly a considerable amount. However, this is not accepted as the real big hit and hence forth he tried for much better results thereafter. In the year 2010, January 11th he played in the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Main Event where the buy in was decided to be $10,000. This game gave him the best results of being in the 6th place and winning the biggest score of $450,000. This amount would be sufficient enough for his to settle down in life, but, his interest in poker has given him few more chances of winning the poker casino games.

As he was playing continuously without having any breaks in the career though he would have taken a break in making success, he has appeared in the news for the above two dates that we discussed just now. Also in the same year 2010 January 20th he once again made entry into the news for being the best poker player.

Johnny Chan Poker Player-Holding 10 WSOP bracelets proudly

When you think of playing the games, you need to consider the games played across. There are plentiful games played in this world, whereby few games are notable. Those games include a lot in numbers, where the familiar game includes Poker game too. Poker games are played very professionally, which attracts the number of audience gathers to watch the game. Professional players do play the game professionally, whereby the familiar professional include Johnny Chan, as he is knowable for holding those 10 bracelets by giving a dazzling victory in his career.

Writer too:

Johnny Chan is a Chinese professional Poker player, who was born on 1957 in China. Johnny turned moving along with his family to the place of Hong Kong in 1962, and then to Phoenix in 1968 and later to Texas City in 1973. His family owned the restaurants, which they took care of. Johnny thought of joining to manage the business from later. When he moved to the city of Nevada, by the age of 21, Johnny Chan dropped from the University of Houston, where he turned specialising in hotel and restaurant management. He later joined the art of gambling. Johnny Chan turned winning the WSOP series 1985, 1987, 1988, 1994, 1997, 2000, 2002, 2005 whereby the rest 2 in 2003.

Besides playing the Poker game, Johnny Chan owned a fast-food franchise in Las Vegas. He also worked as the consultant in casinos. His ambition is to own or design a casino. Chan also wrote the articles for Card Player Magazine. He does write the very regular article in a magazine named as Trader Monthly. He turned to be the first player standing to possess the 10 WSOP bracelets after descending Phil Leak. He was thus inducted to the Hall of Fame by the year 2002.

Glazer triumphs in the 2013 WSOP Europe Ladies Event

Assuming that we could take today’s poker players and drop them into 2006 or thereabouts, Jackie Glazer might be well on her direction to turning into a family unit name. Anyhow with the decrease of broadcast poker and the ascent of faceless web poker players, the individuals who may have overall ended up poker celebs have not gathered the consideration they merit. Glazer is one of the aforementioned players who need more fondness.

An amiable Aussie, Glazer won the opening occasion of the World Series of Poker Europe this weekend, rising successful in the €1,100 Ladies No-Limit Hold’em Event, the first occasion of its caring at WSOP Europe. It wasn’t the most amazing of wins fiscally yet it was still an arm jewelery, the first of Glazer’s vocation.

What’s more it was about time for Glazer, as she has had more than a year of close misses. Only this past summer, she had the distinction (doubtful or not, contingent up